Adv. Elona Selmani

From 2006 the founding member of the TS Consulting Adv.Elona Selmani, has been assisting many domestic and foreign companies, nonprofit organizations for the implementation of infrastructural projects and investments in equity projects, M&A, mainly in the areas of  renewable energy production, pharmaceuticals, education, construction, tourism, insurance ,advertising etc.

She has been acting as local consultant for entities such as EBRD and IFC. She has been acting as legal advisor in Supreme Court of Albania, in Administrative Chamber.

She has been shareholder and managing partner of the  law firm “Commercial Legal Expertise” sh.p.k and  the company “Selmani import Export Galvanising“ sh.p.k.

Adv.Selmani is adjunct lecturer at the Tirana Law University and she currently holds the position of Managing Partner  in the company .